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Our Vision

Azaadi Arts aims to uplift women from different walks of life by providing a safe and loving work environment.
We are all handcrafted and therefore we see each individual as uniquely created and having intrinsic worth. Our desire is to provide opportunities for them to take their next step towards freedom and living out their purpose.

Our Products

Handmade home decor and wearables.
Macrame, crochet, knitting supplies and accessories.

Our Materials

All of our cotton products are made using Bobbiny cords. We choose Bobbiny because it's eco-friendly and made from recycled materials. The cords are made from product waste from factories and consumers. Also, no dyes or toxic chemicals are used, so the cords are safe for everyone, including babies and animals!
For more information on Bobbiny's process,
you can go here: 


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